About the Platform

You have a choice of two ways to trade with other users. The first way is to write your own option/contract on your terms and send it to the general pool. If the option/contract is accepted by a counterparty, the option/contract is enforced. The second way is to go directly to the general pool and choose an option that corresponds with your own expectations of the trading market.

For more communication, socializing and closer trading, users can invite friends and built their own groups, providing opportunities to communicate, socialize, trade, learn and compete with each other.

Please be very careful to assure accuracy when creating your contract! Thoroughly check your confirmation message before submitting your contract. Contracts cannot be changed in the system after submission.

Our system is a five-faceted social system. The first two features are part of the “Dashboard” which is a public section of the platform. The third and fourth features are part of the “My Zone”, which is the user’s, private section.


  • Latest News – The most current news and articles from the financial and business world, users are encouraged to comment and discuss the articles.
  • Opinions – Here, users can share their own thoughts and blogs. Users are notified and view posts from other users they chose to follow.


  • Friends & Activities – This feed is based on the user’s-friend’s time-line. Users can create a circle of friends with whom they can communicate and TRADE. * It is only possible to trade with the users that you have chosen as ‘friends’ on the platform.
  • Contracts – This section is used to monitor active future contracts.


This is the most crucial facet of the platform. Trading is accessible from every page of the platform through a “Trading” button. During Trading, a user can see the general pool and accept a contract offered by other users or create his own contract and offer it to the public. The platform is connected to the market tickers, and it monitors open contracts. When a contract expires, the trade result is defined automatically, based on the data from the markets. The trader’s balance is then, adjusted accordingly.

RISK WARNING: Although Markets BettorsTM does not offer margin and/or leveraged trading, there are always risks involved when trading in the financial markets. The value of any investment can increase or decrease and there is always the possibility that an investor could lose all of their invested, capital. You should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Before initiating a trade, consider your investment objectives, risk tolerance and your own level of experience regarding these products. Please read the “Risk Disclosure” on our website for a more detailed explanation of some of the risks involved.

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