Challenge your FRIENDS
on future CONRACTS

Free of conflict of interests



Stop losing trades to the house

The Rule

Free of conflict of interests. Fairness and Transparency. We do NOT interfere with your trades.

The Commission

As guarantors and intermediaries we only receive a modest commission fee from the winning side. Basically, if you don’t win, we don’t win.

The Trading

Markets Bettors is an unbiased trading floor that allows you to meet independently and trade future contracts directly with other traders & friends worldwide.

Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, ETF’s & ETN’s.

Create for free your own future contracts on Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, ETF’s & ETN’s, according to your expectations. Trade future contracts on a balanced trading floor with NO exposure of the funds to external financial shocks.

Markets BettorsTM is a new and innovative, trading platform designed from scratch to resolve the inherent conflict of interests that exists, between brokers and traders. Our platform enables traders to meet independently and trade in the market online with Bilateral Option Contracts, without using a broker to serve as an agent. Our platform is designed to be a transparent, unbiased, and honest marketplace. Our business model is built around a modest service fee from winning side of contract’s expiration, and there is no dependency between the outcome of the trade and the revenues for the operator.

Risk Warning: Although Markets BettorsTM does not offer margin and/or leveraged trading, there are always risks involved when trading in the financial markets. The value of any investment can increase or decrease and there is always the possibility that an investor could lose all of their invested, capital. You should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Before initiating a trade, consider your investment objectives, risk tolerance and your own level of experience regarding these products. Please read the “Risk Disclosure” on our website for a more detailed explanation of some of the risks involved.


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